A Further Critique Of Credit Score Charlatanism

Photo by Lorenzo from Pexels
  1. This “real” score is updated each month, but somehow the Credit Karma score is able to change every week, without actually reflecting what the “real” score is doing.
  2. All the major American financial institutions, who handle all the money, are able to tell me — the mere consumer — what my bank account balance and credit use are, within seconds of those things changing, yet they can’t figure out how to inform each other of this information.
  3. This would mean that, thanks to the wizardry of electronic stuff, I can wave my wristwatch vaguely in the direction of the self-checkout system at the grocery store, my watch will tell the machine how to get into my account and take the money it needs for my can of beans or whatever, and then about 1.2 seconds after the checkout is done I’ll get a notification on my phone that I’ve just spent x dollars on beans, but the companies that aggregate my credit score are only capable of updating their information once a fucking month.

I’m an IT consultant, I studied physics, and I enjoy securities analysis in my free time, when I’m not writing. He/him or they/them. BLM!

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